Mele Pietro Contact details
Via Casato di Sopra, 43-45 – 53100 Siena (Italy)
Via Sergio I n. 32 – 00165 Roma (Italy)
+39 0577 22 37 05 (Siena)
+39 06 37 21 336 (Rome)
+39 0577 22 30 91 (Siena) +39 06 37 21 346 (Rome)
Rome, Siena (Italy)

Professional Experience

Eng. Pietro Mele and Studio Strutture srl are partners of the firm. His experience dates back in the ‘90s both in Italy and abroad.
The main works abroad are:

  • structural project of 3 buildings about 100 mt high in Riga (Latvia);
  • structural project for the proposal of the realization of a bridge in Venice together with Pietro Cascella;
  • structural project for a sculpture park complete with museum and hotel in China.

The main works in Italy include the structural project for an underground multi-storey parking for about 900 parking spaces in the area of the Stadium in Siena; the sports arena “Montarioso” in Siena as well as the anti-seismic recovery of all the buildings in Dynamo Camp in Pistoia.



1986 - Graduated at the University of Florence in Civil Engineering with Specialization in Structures.


Membership in Professional Associations

Enrolled in the Order of Engineers of the Province of Siena since 1987 and in the Order of Engineers of Latvia since 2007.


French , Italian

Practice areas
Energy and Infrastructure
Real Estate
Regional experience
Italy Latvia China Brasil