Commitment to excellence

Vitale & Partners has forged constructive co-operation and alliance relationships with other similar boutique law firms  all over the World and has been working and cooperating with them for a long time in order to create and develop a common approach so as to provide in a seamless way the best of our legal services to clients from the most different jurisdictions.
Our commitment is to first understand our client’s wishes and needs, then to act. In order to do this, we have joined lawyers from several different jurisdictions, cultures and languages, able to practice not only Civil and Common Law, but also Islamic and Chinese Laws.
The above commitment has finally  built trusty relationships among partners, that is very important to give  best quality service to our clients, and also to entrepreneurs and businessmen who have requested us to help them to find new markets where to establish their business or set up a new activity, sell their products, or create new partnerships with local parties. To such regard, we have established – through our local parties – our presence in four Continents: Asia, America, Africa and Europe.
We are cost-conscious and we will never try to create any extra-burden for our clients when assisting them in any relevant matter or issue. We are aware that global competition is also affected by prices and expenses, inclusive of legal fees, and we commit therefore to always act fairly with our clients to such regard, as also our contribution can help them to successfully achieve any specific target or result.